Monthly Archives: March 2014

why “voluntourism” matters

I don’t often repost articles on here (unless they’re incorporated into long-winded posts I’ve written), but this one speaks so greatly to the growing debate (and recent viral article) on “voluntourism” and exactly how to provide abroad experiences without reinforcing the supreme imbalance of poverty and privilege in the world. Well written by an individual […]

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recognize the miracles

“She asked, how there can be so much love in the world, yet so few feel it. How there can be so much beauty, yet hardly anyone sees it. And how there can be so many miracles, yet most are ignored. I reminded her of something far more important. I reminded her that whether or […]

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defining challenges

Living abroad for a predetermined amount of time lends itself to a unique set of experiences. For me, it’s been equatable to living a double life: heartedly committed to what is happening in your abroad life while remaining emotionally – and electronically – connected to your home life, which awaits you, right where you left […]

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