no failure in fear

“Everyday I wake up feeling a little scared of the big goals I have set out for myself this year… I tell myself I am not afraid, I tell myself I was born to do this. But then, it causes me to wonder why I feel so scared. And then it hits me – its a blessing that I am afraid, its a blessing that I have to stretch myself everyday to transform into the person who isn’t afraid of those goals. Each day, I work to better myself… With each passing moment, I look for what I can learn… With each confusion, I get excited. The aha moment got summed up by me realizing that my goals are not there to scare me but to stretch me – and if its not challenging you, its not changing you…

Find something you’ve always been scared to do – whether that be speaking in public or making that phone call or telling somebody you love them – and just do it. There is NO failure, only learning!”

– the beautiful Shamsha Shamsy, check out her website here


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