Monthly Archives: November 2013

finding emotional clarity

For a long time, I’ve been meaning to write about the concept of “sensitivity” – yet I couldn’t quite formulate my words or ground my opinion for some reason. A friend sent me this article, which because of my serious inability (read: complete lack of self-control) to limit myself to reading only one, led me […]

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smiles are universal

I met this beautiful little girl while visiting preschools in a rural area in Uganda. The preschool she currently attends is in a makeshift mud room as the actual classroom was condemned due to parts of the ceiling collapsing while the children were inside. Despite an incredulous language barrier, she was perfectly willing to pose […]

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what it means to move away

People move away from home for a lot of reasons: school, job opportunities, the need to escape what can feel like four walls enclosing in on you, a sense of adventure, even all of the above. Everyday, people just pick up what they’ve got and move.┬áCertain things happen when you move alone though, sure, you’re […]

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